Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Pretty sure I really need to stop pigging out. Really. I am gaining mega weight, but I didn't think I was eating THAT much... gah, who knows, I need to get around and start walking or something. And tomorrow I am making a trip to the Commissary... lots of veggies for me to snack on. I need to get this under control... I am not fitting into anything! Pretty soon I will be in maternity clothes for the simple reason that I will be to fat to fit into my other stuff.

I got my referral for the OB... Guess where I am going? Stupid Naval Hospital. I did NOT want to go there, I do not like them, especially since my little visit there last fall when I had to sit there at the ER for 12 hours, mid-gallbladder attack, before I was seen. You don't even see a doctor till you deliver... I am not comfortable with that... I want to see the same person, every time, someone who knows me... RAWR. Who knows what will happen with my hypoglycemia... maybe it will make me high risk and they will send me into town? Who knows.

And that is another thing that irks me. I don't even go for my first appointment (which will consist of an orientation: paperwork, do's and don'ts, general what to expects... bloodwork, and my first ultrasound to confirm how far along I am. When is it? Not till March 31st! I have sooo-o many questions for the doctor, especially about how my sugar will be through this, and I can't go for four more weeks! Patrick is definitely going to miss this and my first actual appointment (which will be early April) and I am disappointed because out in town I am sure they could have squeezed me and my first ultrasound in before his departure. BLAH! As you can see, I am annoyed.

I still have not been sick at all... my mom said she wasn't sick with me though until about the middle of the second month... which is just about next week. I sleep terribly already though, and have been the past week or two-I am up every couple hours going to the bathroom, and I am always flipping and tossing and turning... I finally broke down and bought one of those Serta mattress toppers (and it is HEAVEN... kind of like sinking into a giant marshmallow) on overstock.com (came with 2 pillows, the foam is 3 inches... total, with their two dollar shipping charge, was $125! I def recommend it!) and so we slept on it last night for the first time, Patrick woke up not hurting but I did, but I think that a) I need to get used to it and b) this might just be the nature of the beast... we all know how I have my lovely back issues, and so having a little one growing inside probably sure isn't helping me, no matter how small it still is. So I toss and turn for what seems like an eternity every night, hopefully that won't be how it is for the whole pregnancy.

I want to read some books... I am not as impressed with "What to Expect While Expecting" or whatever it is as I thought... it just has a lot of irrelevant stuff in it. I don't like to read and read about what might happen.. I know the signs, and I know what to do, and that's all I need to know. I am a worrier by nature and I don't want to think of that for the next month and a half... although once I pass the 13 week mark I will be a much happier camper. I might go to the library on Lejeune tomorrow and see what I can find... any suggestions?

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Nicole said...

The delayed doctor's appointment is totally normal. Most first appointments are around 8-10 weeks along. I think part (or maybe most) of the reason they do that is that most women find out they're pregnant SO early (3-4 weeks) and most miscarriages happen before 8-10 weeks. Hang in there. Write down all your questions for the doctor... and I wouldn't hesitate to call and ask them if you have questions you want/need answered before your appointment.

What to Expect book... I never read it. I had it, as well as the "What to expect the first year" edition, but I hated both of them.

I have a couple books upstairs that I like as 'references'... nothing major detailed... but they go over what is going on at each stage etc and I liked that. I'll email you a list.