Wednesday, July 30, 2008


When I wrote yesterday about the baby being positioned so funny.... oh boy, that was just the start of it.

Till about 7 last night the baby kept moving and trying to flip around... and goodness, today my belly is SORE from it. I don't know if it's sore from the internal acrobatics, or because it's growing more, or because it's getting heavier and heavier... or a combination of the three... but getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom every hour was hard and very sore to do (note to self-put the milk crate back so you can actually get up into bed) and I was so tired and sore when Patrick got up this morning that I just made him take a frozen stir fry with him to work instead of getting up and making him his lunch. I felt bad... but I just couldn't do it.

And I really wish these lidocaine patches wouldn't have reacted with me so terribly. I go back next Tuesday for my next visit and my glucose test (which = sick Mandi for the day) and so I'll ask them about the patches then... my midwife said that I could take my Tylenol 3 every once in awhile if my back gets bad enough, but I'm still scared and nervous to do it.

Don't get me wrong at all though-I LOVE being pregnant. I love being able to feel the different parts of my kiddo when they are sticking out of my belly. I love that I am so close to meeting him or her... but goodness I hope these next few months fly by.

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