Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Reasons I wake up in the middle of the night:

1. My back muscles burning with the fire of a thousand suns
2. Patrick snoring (usually a quick fix of getting him to roll onto his side)
3. Heartburn making my insides feel like they are eating themselves
4. Having to go to the bathroom (every single hour)
5. Patrick's night sweats
6. The baby practicing its taekwando moves

Usually it's any one of these things... not necessarily together, they like to obnoxiously space themselves out, but last night throughout the night I had every single one of these at some point.

We've been going to bed really early because Patrick has to get up at 3:15am for the rifle range. So we're in bed by 9. Well last night my back was really bothering me, so I didn't get comfortable and drift off till almost 11. Between then and 3am I woke up a number of times to tell Patrick to roll over and stop snoring, to use the bathroom, and then once he woke up to use the bathroom and when he got up I noticed the sheets (and half my pillow, conveniently) were SOAKING wet-he has these strange night sweats, and when I try and rip the covers off him he says he's cold. So then I had to roll to the edge of the bed to be not on the wet sweaty part.

Then at 3am I was awoken by THE worst heartburn epedemic ever-and I know I say that every time but before this I've never had heartburn, so it's new to me, and last night it lasted for an hour and a half. I tried everything. I ate 2 tums, then 2 more. Baking soda and water. The only relief I had was by lying on my back, which I desperately didn't want to do, I am more comfortable on my sides, but that made it waaayyy worse. Finally I got my medical book thing out and it said to try drinking milk, so I gulped some, and it said to elevate yourself... so I grabbed another pillow and fell asleep-thankfully-soon after that... after the baby stopped kicking and moving around. Though I had a crazy neckache when I woke up.

But still, it makes up for it when I feel the little bugger moving around in there, and knowing I will get to meet it in just a few short months.

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