Thursday, July 10, 2008


A few good things to report:

The crib is in! Since it's a 2+ hour drive each way to go get it, antsy me set the appointment to pick it up for Saturday at noon... we could have gotten it yesterday, today, or tomorrow after Patrick gets out of work but we'd be exhausted and fighting rush hour traffic in the Capitol city. Not gonna go there. So Saturday's plan of action is to get up, hit up farmer's market (it's on our way), go to Raleigh-where we'll pick up the crib at Babies R Us and then drive the few minutes up to Durham to go to our favorite mall around, where we'll grab some lunch and walk around a bit. I'm super excited-I love going up there. And with all that we should still be home before dark.

Then this is where my patience needs to kick in really good-all we're doing Saturday night is checking out the color of the crib and deciding if we like the crib set we bought together. If not, the crib set gets sold and we get a new one. And we have to pick out paint-so we'll do that Saturday or Sunday, depending on the bedding situation, and hopefully our maintenance dude will have time to come trim everything so we can get the rest of the room painted and set up. And then we can buy the bookshelves and pretty much everything will be straightened out from there... I am so eager to get it done that this next week is really going to crawl. I am all for just doing it all in one night, but to get it done the right way we really shouldn't.

Also, miracle upon miracles, I called the appointment lady at the Naval Hospital and there was an ultrasound appointment open for Monday-so we get to see kiddo then instead of it still being over a week from now! For those of you who didn't notice, I added a little list up top on the right hand side of upcoming stuff-since a lot of you (*cough* Grama) don't remember when my next appointments and things are. So check it out and see the exciting things that are ahead.

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