Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Appointment today... finally, after not having one for 9 weeks! (But that's a different story.)

I am measuring at 25 weeks now, so about 4 days ahead.
I've gained 14lbs so far... and that was after lunch and a massive glass of water. So I'm a little on the shallow end.
As soon as the midwife put the microphone up to my belly to hear the heartbeat, the little punk punched it. All you could hear was this big 'whop'. Heartbeat is good though, somewhere between 150-160bpm.

She gave me some lidocaine patches for my back... I was really excited about them, I was looking forward to the little bit of relief, but it's been on for a good 2 hours now and hasn't done anything-actually my back has gotten worse. I'm hoping it's just because I've been busy painting and stuff this evening. Hopefully when I go to hop in bed it'll settle down... or maybe I'll layer a few more on. It says I can have up to 3 on at a time. Tempting.

That's pretty much it... my CF and the other screenings from last time came back negative. I have my next appointment 3 weeks from today, at that time I'll go in for my glucose test-awesome. I can't waaaait for that one... I'm down to 3-4 weeks in between appointments, so that means we're making some progress! Only a little over 15 weeks to go... it's so crazy to think about!

We painted the baby's room today (minus a little edging I need to do tomorrow-and YES I wore a mask, and we were only in there for about 25 minutes, so have no worries!) but I will post pictures when it's done. It's a pretty cream color, and I am way too tired at this point to get up and see what it's called. So use your imaginations once again :)

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Nicole said...

I can't believe you're almost there! YAY!

Don't worry about painting... I painted both of the boys' rooms when I was pregnant- in the winter (didn't open windows that often) and without a mask... and they're fine. Post a picture of the room now!