Monday, July 14, 2008


Ultrasound pictures!

They're not the best, but it's the little one anyway, so they are sweet...

Here it was in the middle of licking... didn't know till today that they drink this way!

This one it had its little hand up by its chin, you can see its cute little nose and mouth... and an ear on the side

and one a little further away.

The little snot was moving around a lot (of course) so we couldn't get great pictures ...but really it wasn't anything compared to its nightly antics (thankfully)! It was cool to watch little baby on the screen, nonetheless.

The heart was going nice and strong at 160bpm, and every single one of the organs looked great. It's head down right now, which surprises me-I would have thought the other way around! Now I know where to position my iPod tonight :) Weight is a healthy 1lb 7oz at the moment, and I'm still measuring at about 4 days early-which I expected.

Stay tuned for more baby news tomorrow... I have an OB appointment at noon!

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