Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I've noticed quite a few little quirks about this little one already.

-It absolutely HATES when I am trying to sleep on my right side. HATES. Throws a fit kicking and punching me. Even though it's a dumb thought it crosses my mind every time that maybe I'm squishing it...

-It's a music lover. At least I hope the kicks when I play it songs from my iPod are of approval. I play it Coldplay every night!

-It gets up at 5am every morning with its daddy. And kicks and moves so mornings like this one I can't get back to sleep after Patrick's left.

-I swear it knows when ice cream is near (this may be more of a funny ha-ha). Last night we picked up some ice cream from Sonic, and I had gotten a Sonic Blast (like a flurry or blizzard) and didn't want to open it so my little Reese's cups wouldn't fall off and the ice cream wouldn't melt all over me. So it was sitting in front of my belly and the kiddo went nuts. Almost like it was saying "OK MOM I want that ice cream NOW!" If that was really the case and it wasn't all in my head I'd say that it's sooo its mother's child already.

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CassJustCurious said...

I think a natural instinct towards ice cream is a very good sign! Glad you're feeling good!