Thursday, December 30, 2010


Really good day! Got to see the babies again-they are still there and healthy!-and woohoo, I gained a pound!! Huge accomplishment since it's been a struggle so far, and we have a goal of 15-20 to reach by the 24 week mark.

Here are the babies! Measuring well (actually a little ahead of what we would have expected) and heartbeats were higher than last time-180 for A and 176 for B.

Baby A-this one you can see the best. You can see little fingers off to the left, his or her knee bent and little toes! Amazing!
Baby B-we actually got to see this one move around a little while getting ready for this shot! So sweet! I don't remember seeing Maya move around on ultrasound till her anatomy scan.
These next ones are mostly of Baby B, but you can see A off to the left.
Both of them together (sweet relief to see two! I was so worried (of course) that one would be gone!)

So there we have what was supposed to be my initial scan-it's funny to think that had I not bled we would have just found out today that we were having twins. I'm glad we know-and I'm glad we got to see them today, and that they are growing so well-now it's time for me to breathe a sigh of relief and start getting excited! Of course we won't be out of the scary first trimester woods for another 23 days yet (I have a countdown on my phone) but we're in a good place.

Next on the agenda is waiting for the referral for the Perinatologist in Savannah. Not sure when I will see them, probably not for a bit yet, for another couple of months or so, but I'll have my next scan with them, hopefully we will find out then what we are having! It's crazy to me because I feel like this is all going to start going SO fast...

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