Thursday, December 16, 2010


Allllmost to 8 weeks... come on babies!

Had a little more bleeding today, thankfully I was going to Naval anyway... doc said it's just fine (I figured, I wasn't worried) and it's just kind of going to happen with me. There's a possible small blood pool in my ultrasound that might be leaking-they'll check it again at my next ultrasound in two weeks.

Today was my orientation-less of a cattle corral than at Lejeune, but still took forever. I think second time moms (in the system) should be exempt! I had seven vials of blood drawn, which was not as much apparently as usual, my guess is because they already have some things on file and because of the blood I had drawn last week. I have to go back to the lab next time I'm in and be screened for the Sickle Cell trait, because Patrick is a carrier (which we didn't know when I was pregnant with Maya so I wasn't even tested for it).

I feel huge today.

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