Monday, December 6, 2010


This weekend (Friday started, Saturday was awful) the morning (all day for me) sickness has kicked in bad. Baaaad. I really am not sure how I will be able to cook for Patrick and Maya-thankfully Maya's breakfast consists of oatmeal and yogurt, and lunches are soups/sandwiches which all four are low on the odor/gag scale. Dinner however is a different story-I feel horrible making Patrick cook or refusing to let him eat certain things but jeez, this is bad. I remember it being horrible with Maya, but Patrick was gone to WTI from weeks 7-13 so it was really easy to try and control what I smelled. Not this time! I'm so hungry but NOTHING sounds good. I think tonight we'll have to head to the store and get the old faithfuls from first trimester with Maya-cereal, Spaghettios, Ramen, and waffles.

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