Wednesday, December 22, 2010



I'm having a REALLY hard time, still, getting enough down every day. I swear I sat in front of my grilled cheese for a good 5 minutes glaring at it before I managed to get it down at lunch... Something has to change, because I NEED to eat! Duh.

I've been reading this book by Dr. Luke focused on pregnancy with multiples that numerous girls suggested on one of the message boards I visit, and thankfully it covers a LOT of nutrition stuff. But it left me feeling like I REALLY am not doing a good job, and how crazy different this pregnancy is from a singleton. The goal is to gain one pound per week until week 24 and then after that two pounds per week until delivery-making you possibly plump but making the babies as big as they can, since the chances are increased of them coming early-with their statistics on how much bigger their babies are than the average, I think I'll stick to her plan, even if it means REALLY having to lose a lot of weight after they come. That's fine. I want healthy babies.

So tonight we went to Walmart and got $175 of just plain crap. We got into eating quite healthy over the past year, so it's really hard for me to throw caution to the wind and just go back to eating junk-even though it's the calories I need (and the incredible amounts of protein found in such things as Stouffer's Macaroni and Cheese). I somehow don't think it'll be hard to lose after they come because my body will be begging for something low fat. I just hope these things are some things I can get down-tonight for dinner I had a few bites of tortellini (just the white ones because the green ones tasted too spinach-y for me at the moment, even though I like spinach since I've been an adult) and a glass of milk.

Oy. Time for a bowl of ice cream. Cheers to you, babies.

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