Monday, December 13, 2010


Babies babies! We got to see them again today... with pictures this time!

Baby A was measuring 6w5d (right on track, as both of them were measuring 6w3d Friday night) and had a heartbeat of 145bpm.
Baby B measured at 6w4d and had a heartbeat of almost 128bpm
This one shows both of the sacs together-you can't see the babies because of the angle, but you can see that there are indeed two in there and the ultrasound machine wasn't playing tricks on us!
We thought it was soooo hilarious when the doc checked for triplets (you can sense the sarcasm right?) was a really good visit, a lot of our basic questions were answered. I was put on extra iron and extra folic acid, and put on Zofran for the nausea instead of the Benadryl. I'm still nervous, since having multiples puts us at higher risk for miscarriage. I'll be super glad when the first trimester is over. Only 40 days to go!

Next appointment is about 2 1/2 weeks from now-which was supposed to be my "initial visit". I'll get another ultrasound then! I'll be sent for Level 2 ultrasounds in Charleston or Savannah every so often to check growth and progress more thoroughly, not sure when they start or how often I'll go. I'm excited to be able to see these little babes more often!

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