Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Not much to update on, but I had an appointment today! Everything is going good so my midwife is skipping bringing me in every 2 weeks and I'll have my next when I'm at 35 weeks, and it will be every week after that. They'll start checking on progress then too, since I am concerned with birthing this kiddo with my size and since the women in my family tend to go early.

Not much has changed-I'm actually measuring at 30w right now, but she said that could be how the baby is laying at the time, and I've gained 6 more pounds making it 25 total so far. Heartbeat was nice and strong as usual.

She (the baby) started something new this morning-trying to claw her way out! At least that's what it feels like... I've had friends explain it to me before, how toward the end you get sharp pains like that... sure enough, there she goes. I was sitting in the waiting room before my appointment and she was definitely clawing away, moving around a ton, and had the hiccups. All at the same time.

Patrick and I are working on some decorations in the baby's room now! We'll have our dresser on the 12th, we finally found one we want... and we're doing some letter things for her room that spell out her name. I went to Walmart last night to get the stuff to make them (on the site I saw this idea at-they are TWENTY DOLLARS PER LETTER! No way). I'll post pictures when they are done-so come back tomorrow and see what name we picked out for our little one :)

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