Thursday, September 18, 2008


This particular post is for Aunt Gayle-she said to mark her words that little Maya will be here within a week. We'll see.

In the least, this past week has been a grand slam of signs that things are actually progressing and that my body is working its way up to the main event. Lots of Braxton Hicks, a great deal of lower back pain, decreased movement on her part (by a lot), way more trips to the bathroom at night... and crazy crazy pressure on my pelvis. THANKFULLY I think she's moved off my sciatic nerve-because I've noticed that hasn't been bothering me so much (watch I bet it gets me tonight!)

I really wish they wouldn't have scheduled my next appointment a month after my last one. I would have had one yesterday or the day before, so I'm just really paying attention to everything in the case that I need to give the Naval Hospital a call. She'll come out when she wants to I suppose-I'm not doing anything on the "labor encouraging" list till after the 1st, but I'll tell you what, Patrick is getting excited for me to pull that bag of dried chilies out of the cupboard to cook with every night.

At least it has begun...

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