Friday, September 12, 2008


Soooo I've been having Braxton-Hicks for the past 3 days. Pretty intense at points too-the first day it happened I was good and did what they told me to in my previous appointments and such-drink a glass of water, relax for an hour or so (did that in the form of a heavy duty two hour nap) and see what's going on after. So I did, but they were still going on when I got up. They were there yesterday, though not so bad, but when I got up this morning (at 430) there were a lot of them, pretty frequent, and its now accompanied by a constant crampy feeling-like you feel when it's about that time of the month.

Of course today was grocery day, and I've had a lot to do-gosh is it uncomfortable when your uterus is squeezing away. Sometimes I had to slow down an awful lot just so I could keep walking. I called the Naval Hospital to see what they had to say about it, but she kind of dismissed it and told me to time them if I was concerned about it-so I guess I will maybe, I know they aren't true contractions because they aren't painful but still its uncomfortable and it's something different I am experiencing so... whatever I guess. I know I'm not in labor labor-the baby is still moving around a ton and I haven't dropped at all-and she's lying sideways, moreso than head down I think (though they say she is head down? Sure doesn't feel like it). I suppose its a start though... only 4 more weeks till full term, so there's gotta be something going on getting it all ready...

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Allison said...

Hang in there Mandi! You will feel lots of crazy tings and think you are getting close but really...(sorry to say) you have a little while BUT be thankful bc you want that baby girl to be in there till the end, even past 37 weeks. You will be glad in the end I promise! There is so much that can go wrong if she comes out earlier than that. I know it get's hard but it will be all totally worth it when she is in your arms and safe:) enjoy the remaining time in your pregnancy, like one of your other comments- I PROMISE you WILL miss having her in your belly somewhere around the 3 month mark:) Until, put your feet up, eat all you can:) and try to get all the other stuff done while you anticipate what's ahead. It's gonna be great!!!