Monday, May 20, 2013


Well, this morning I went in for a re-check... Still no progress at all. I'm kind of not surprised though. The doc said that baby's head isn't even engaged in my pelvis yet... Which has NOT been the case the past two times, it was always super far down and pushing. So, I'm no expert or anything, but I'm guessing that is what the delay is all about.

I did have my membranes stripped though. Definitely hope it works and that I don't have to have it redone on Friday at my next appointment (that I hope I don't even make it to!) Pretty much right away I was having intense contractions, not close together in the least bit (the biggies have been about an hour apart all day) but they are intense, much like the ones I had when I was in very active labor with A&P. I'm hoping that will keep up through the night and we will be in good shape tomorrow for some possible baby action.

I'm hoping to get some good rest tonight just in case. Last night it was so hot in here that I slept horribly. I have a VERY full belly right now so hopefully I can ignore my self perpetuated bellyache (I just had Thai, a half of a pineapple, and some REALLY tasty pineapple/strawberry/orange juice that we made).

Dear baby: please come soon! You are probably getting to be a chunker, we are ready, and I'd like to sit on the couch again.

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