Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Stubborn stubborn stubborn. Baby, you better be so chill in the outside world!

I can't believe I've made it this far. In 33 minutes I'll be 39w. So unless my water breaks in that time and a baby slides out with it, we will have a 39 weeker. I feel great (other than what I'm assuming is a pulled ligament on the top of my belly that feels like I'm being stabbed) and I so wish that I could enjoy this time.

I think people think I'm just impatient to have the baby. I'm really ok-it's not that aspect of it that's stressing me out, it's the stress of not knowing, past tomorrow, what we are going to do with the kids when I go into labor. Yes everything will work out in the end but still right now the logistics are one huge beast and sadly have me down. I remember what a mess Maya was after I came home from the hospital before and I don't want all three like that this time-or A&P at least. And getting the kids somewhere-even if we are as prepared as possible-will still take some time to get them from here to there and in the meantime I'm driving myself to the hospital and hoping Patrick makes it in time since I labored so fast last time. Hopefully this will be slower since the baby is probably almost 2lbs bigger but you just never know.

I think, after days of feeling not much, I'm finally starting the good stages of labor. Or at least hoping. My back has been sore all day and I've had other symptoms I won't share with the world... I'm feeling some pressure so I'm hoping baby has dropped a bit more. I didn't feel like walking tonight even so Patrick and I just had a date-dinner and then frozen yogurt while we sat on my favorite wooden swings down by the water. Which would have been perfect timing for water to break but I'm not surprised that it didn't!

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Rebecca said...

Hang in there lady. I know it sounds cliche, but baby will come when baby is ready. I'm sure baby can sense the world is about to get crazy on the outside and just wants to soak up a little more of Mama's warm , quiet, cozy space for just a few more days. I can honestly say I have never been preggo for 39 weeks so I know you just want to meet your sweetness. Baby dust coming your way! Just know that with every centimeter and everyday you have prelabor contractions your body is getting ready. My prayers are with you and your family. I am dying to know if he or she is making a debut.