Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Still hanging in there, still pregnant! I've had folks concerned with lack of communication but its only because of how the past week has been-between packing in last minute tasks and taking naps every day (and turning on that sweet do not disturb mode during) we are just watching and waiting. Patrick and I are both on edge because of how last the went-we were woke up in the middle of the night and just a couple hours later were the parents of three.

Last night I had a lot of baby movement. That hasn't been the case lately-baby has been quiet, adding to my feeling of impending labor-but I just tried to soak it all in quietly as who knows if this will be the last I'll get to enjoy baby kicks and wiggles. I know I'll miss this so much.

Tonight after a meeting Patrick and I got to go downtown and walk and ate frozen yogurt-it was nice to walk around and sit along the water just the two of us, we never ever ever get to do that!

I'll be 38 weeks in about 15 minutes... Honestly I didn't think I'd go this far but so glad baby is growing big, healthy, and strong in there :)

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