Friday, May 17, 2013


Had an appointment today-one I never thought I would make it to in the first place.

Weight gain is still at a whopping 13lbs, BP is good, not sure what my belly was measuring at but baby's heartbeat was between 130-140. Sadly being checked was a huge "womp womp"-zero progress from last week.

I was given the option to have my membranes stripped but I had huge anxiety about it as Maya's dance recital is tomorrow night. It would break my heart to miss it knowing I'm missing it because of a choice I made (spontaneously going into labor I can't help of course). The doctor offered to have me come in on Monday morning for a re-check and to have them stripped then-so I'm going to work over the weekend to get the baby in a good position (which could be the problem?) and hopefully we will rock and roll on Monday and stay far far away from the dreaded "i" word. I'm still feeling pretty good other than the usual woes so it'll be nice to get in Maya's last game and her recital and get our last minute mowing and cleaning done.

Big complaint of the day is our AC. I came home from an exhausting evening only to walk into a hot, stuffy house-which Patrick didn't notice since he thought it felt good in here. I'm pretty sure it's broken as it refuses to kick on and the temp is climbing (79 degrees at midnight-it's going to be a long night, as I have awful hot flashes even while running the AC). I hope it's just a matter of flipping a switch on the breaker box but sadly it's in A&P's room so it'll have to wait till tomorrow.

Here's my 39w picture... Baby definitely looks higher to me this week than last! Stinker.


Meg said...

I hope this little one stays in until after Maya's game and recital today!
I had my 27 week appointment Thursday and Ezra has no intention of coming out soon either. He's still floating way up high. The OB was actually looking looking lower for his heartbeat, expecting him to be settling down into place.
Blah, these babies need to come out! And your AC needs to start working again for you!

Rebecca said...

You don't even need to start thinking of the I word until after 41 weeks, especially with your awesome weight gain. Just be patient and little one will come. I totally had a dream last night that you had a little girl and her name was Chelsey. You called her "sey, sey" it was weird. Baby prayers headed your way!