Friday, February 11, 2011


Ok, I am going to seem like a whacko here... but tonight I was sitting here on the computer and felt something poke my stomach so hard that I thought somehow the computer poked my belly... and it surprised me so much that I made a strange noise! Not sure if it was a baby doing it or what (it was right around where the left side baby is...) so I am going to say stay tuned for this one... I'm going to lay down and encourage them to move, so maybe we'll see? I would just think this is INSANELY early to feel kicks or pokes, but it IS my second pregnancy, and there ARE two in there... I'm baffled.

I can't believe that when I wake up in the morning I'll be four months pregnant (looking 5+, haha). It's starting to REALLY fly by now that I'm not miserably ill and tired and the scary part is over!

//also: I just took Tums and it made my heartburn worse. Go figure.


scerria Ford said...

I seen some research done recently that said taking anti-acids while pregnant can increase the chance of the baby or babies in your case likely hood of having asthma. I ate them like candy while pregnant with Cora & she has asthma, I'm unsure if it correlates with the study because I have asthma, as well. I'll find you the study & link you!

scerria Ford said...