Monday, February 7, 2011


We saw the babies today! We didn't get any pictures, it was really a fast visit... just long enough to answer a few questions, check my weight and blood pressure, and check the babies' heartbeats-kind of bummed but I'm glad I got to see them anyway!

The baby we saw first is the one I felt flutter first and that I can feel right to the right and below my belly button. He or she was moving all around and looked like it was almost waving (that's what I told Maya anyway). The other one, the one to the left of my belly button, was moving but not as much (and go figure since that is the baby I can feel most often). The top of my uterus is at my belly button-I can always find it super easy first thing in the morning-it's crazy that they've stretched it out to there already.

This was the first external ultrasound I've had too so it was fuzzier and harder to tell anything-well and they are so much bigger too-but at one point I wasn't sure if I was looking at two heads or a head and a body! They looked like they were in the same sac, even though I know they aren't, they are just so smooshed together. She noted the two sacs even, and if the babies think they are close now they have another thing coming! Before the doctor started scanning I told her where I had been feeling flutters and was curious as to if it was baby or bubbles, she said that they still had room to move around a bit in there but it was nice to know that yes indeed that is exactly where she found them. All in all, it was nice to see them both there and thriving!

Maya was thrilled she got to see them. When we got home she told me about how she had fun seeing the babies. I love how interested she is in all of this. I can't wait until she can help pick things out for them!

I also had four more viles of blood drawn today-to test for the sickle cell trait (Patrick's a carrier, no joke, didn't find this out till after Maya though), and for the quad and CF screens. Even if the quad screen and CF screen came out as an elevated risk we'd just take that information and go with it for the doctors, to be better prepared at birth-I told the doctor there was NO way I'd get an amniocentesis. Nothing changes how we feel about these babies anyway.

I've had a few ailments start recently... my sciatic nerve as I mentioned before, but that's not completely horrible yet, thankfully! I've had the shakes a few times over the past couple of weeks, out of nowhere-but since it's just that and not accompanied with sweating or fever the doctor just thinks its hormones (kind of like when you get the shakes after delivery because of the hormones-I definitely experienced that with Maya). Also I've had the strangest problem for a couple of months now-I ITCH like mad! Mostly my legs, back, and head-I worry that people might think I have lice or something! It can be a pregnancy thing, she gave me a low dose of Benadryl to try and ward it off at least at bedtime because its so bad it wakes me up-and then my legs are torn up in the morning from the insane itching. It's so weird.

The nausea is still pretty bad at night, usually I just pray for sleep quickly, haha, so I can sleep through it. I only take Zofran in the late afternoon so I can attempt to eat dinner, but the rest of the evening I just kind of deal with it. It won't last forever!

Naptime now-it's a rainy day, I got up too early, and these kiddos are wearing me out :)


AJD ∞ said...

You're itchy?! My cousin had this weird skin problem when she was pregnant with twins! She was so itchy that she'd wake up in the middle of the night and discover that she had itched her skin raw in her sleep!

It's so exciting you got to see the babies, though! And it's SO cute that Maya's excited & aware of what's going on!!!

scerria said...

I hope it's not PUPPS! How exciting :) I love reading your updates!