Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Kicks! Woohoo! Just from the baby that's on my left-which is the active one-I've thought for the past couple of days that I've been feeling things but wasn't sure. Today it was pretty unmistakable-it was a pretty constant tapping for a little while! It's fun knowing that I'll be able to tell their personalities before long, and have fun with them like I had with Maya (with our oh you want to push here? I'll push back! games).

I'm starting to get nervous about Maya and the babies. She loves them and knows they are coming and is so sweet when she talks to them (which sounds like a phone conversation), and gets so excited when she gets to see them on the ultrasound machine-but I'm watching a sweet little one year old this week and she's been, to put it nicely, a terror. I'm hoping it's just the sudden change to someone unfamiliar coming in and playing with her toys and taking my time that's doing it and that this isn't foreshadowing problems. She's not like this with her best buddy Brayden (though his mama is always with him) so I'm not really sure... I'm hoping the fact that she'll be a little older, they'll start out not being able to take her toys and favorite things, and the knowledge that they are her babies will make a difference. I looked up Big Sibling classes, but they don't offer them at our hospital, so I'm going to check with my specialist when I go to Savannah and also with the classes they offer on base. Maya has a tendency of being excited about the idea of things... like pizza. She's excited she's going to have pizza, and then just doesn't eat it. Goofy kid.

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