Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Oy do I ever feel pregnant today!

This morning I woke up early because fortunately I had a pretty good night's sleep last night! I didn't nap or rest this afternoon because I was busy sewing-the sewing was mistake number one of the day. I sat on the floor, and my sciatic nerve did NOT like that... when I got up a while later I was hurting. We had to do a Commissary/Walmart trip today too, so after all of that shopping on an already sore back, I was hobbling pathetically! I'm definitely feeling the weight of double everything in there-even though the babies and their little homes hardly weigh anything yet-it's just really really heavy on my pelvic bone is the only way I can describe it. So between the waking up early and our shopping fun, I'm wiped, hoping for a backrub, and counting down the minutes till bedtime! I should sleep amazing tonight!

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