Saturday, June 14, 2008


Halfway done!

I can remember at the beginning of this pregnancy thinking how far away the end of the first trimester seemed, let alone the halfway point (or what I hope to be is about a week or two past the halfway point...) yet here we are, and time keeps flying!

No picture today-I took one for the book of course, but it looks pretty much the same as last week, no progress really... except for my soccer player getting stronger and stronger.

I got online this morning and looked at my new ticker, the one at the top of the page, and laughed-it says something about "keeping mommy awake at night"-and boy was that true last night! I had a Coke last night at like 7 while I was at the movies, and that may have been my problem-baby kept me up till 1 kicking and moving around, and of course just by nature I woke up this morning at 7. And the baby started up again soon after that. And is still going at it as I type this. Not that I mind at all... I love it! I just wish it would move around a bit-it kicks the same spot every time (though maybe it kicks more than I think and the placenta is in the way or something).

That's all really... I'm still feeling really good, went to see a nutritionist yesterday and my iron is good and I've gained somewhere between 5-8lbs so far... a pretty healthy amount, they were pretty pleased with my progress.

I hope the second half goes as smoothly as the first half did!

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