Monday, June 9, 2008


My wedding rings are officially off and replaced with a cheapo band.

I went on a walk this morning with Kas-and even though we left at about 6:45am by the time we were done at 7:30 it was already in the 80's and my fingers had become sausages. I'm not about to sacrifice my rings to my negligence, so off they come-I'll put them back on when it cools off or just if I plain miss them. I didn't realize how much hands hurt when they swell-oh I can't wait for the rest of our HOT North Carolina summer and to be retaining my weight in water.

Also, tonight at Cici's I tried to justify eating a lot of (mmmmm my favorite) cinnamon rolls... one for each month pregnant I am... thankfully I'm not officially 5 months along yet, because I am pleased to report that I failed my 4-month attempt. I'm not telling you by how much, all you need to know is that I didn't quite eat 4 cinnamon rolls.

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CassJustCurious said...

The heat had me taking off my rings on Friday just before the shower - I was just to swollen and not up for the pain of ring removal....I was sad. Hope you find a nice cool place!