Friday, August 22, 2008


I was right. I AM stretching. I got my first little baby-related stretch mark yesterday-it's only about an inch long but it's there! Oh well-it's not like I don't have them anyway. The itching has been driving me mad, and I have been seriously been slathering the belly butter stuff on like I'm a greased pig. Patrick doesn't like it because it's a bit sticky, but it's way better than lotion.

I am entering nesting mode, too. I've been itching to wash the baby clothes and get them put away (the things that are on hangers already are there, but the folded stuff is all in a box) but I haven't gotten any detergent yet. I read in the Baby Bargains book that Dreft is pretty much a rip, there are a lot of other detergents out there that are a lot cheaper-and I'm all about a deal, especially when we'll be washing so many loads of baby stuff-so investigating that is my next project.


We have yet to decide on a dresser.

We've been bouncing back and forth a couple of different ideas. One, we could get a dresser. Easy as pie. I have one on that I am in love with. On the other hand, Patrick's Sgt did this for her little girl:

On the opposing wall she has another one of these shelves that's a little bigger with hmm... 12 or 16 cubbies in it? I really like this, but I'm not sure of the practicality of it-on one hand it seems (note, seems, as I am naive and don't have any kiddos yet so I have no clue) like it would be great later on for toys, but would the kiddo tear into it? I'm all for any honest opinions... we aren't leaning one way or the other at all, we just don't know what would be best.

Tomorrow is the 3D/4D ultrasound... we're spending a lot of the day out in Wilmington with the Flaggs so we won't be back right after, but keep an eye out tomorrow night for pictures and a video if I can load it on!


Nicole said...

i think those boxes/shelves are perfect for toys... and it'd probably work great as a dresser until the little one is moving around and pulling things down. Then you might have trouble keeping clothes in the boxes. At taht poitn, though, you could always turn it into a toy shelf and buy a dresser then....

I think for long term, though, you'll want a dresser... once the baby is bigger (toddler and older) the clothes won't fit well in those little boxes.

Nate & Kas said...

Once they figure it out they will for sure pull the toys out. Those are the shelves we have at my preschool... they look cute and they are very easy for the kids to pick up their own toys, we have all different colors so they know blocks go in the blue one.. and so on.. but as easy as it for them to pick it... it's twice as easy for them to make a mess!! Though all kids make a mess.. there is really no way around that.

I would get a dresser becuse at they get bigger their clothes get bigger... I would think by the time baby is a year you would have out grown the cubbie thing.

CassJustCurious said...

I also vote for dresser - while that is really cute I'm not sure if it's so practical. I'm always yelling to the FH to get me a sleeper in the second drawer and if I had to give him coordinates to the sleepers I think we'd be in trouble! We are sleep deprived after all!