Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I am GROWING like crazy!

My belly has been uncontrollably itching for a few days now... it's starting to stretch... depending on how the baby is sitting, my belly button is half-innie and half-outie. I've done pretty well and resisted the urge to itch it-I just grease myself up with some belly butter.

Pictures lately have looked pretty similar, but I think it's just because I have been growing in such a steady pattern... I'm interested in seeing what Saturday's 30 week picture will look like. WOW... 30 weeks already!

Speaking of Saturday, I am closing off the Expect Net poll that day. So anyone who wants to make a guess who hasn't better do it soon-go ahead, whether you know me or not, the more the merrier! I'll do it that morning... so make your guesses before then.

I've been getting stares in the stores and such. I'm not sure if my madness came last night because I was so tired and felt like crap when we went to the store or what, but when we were walking across the parking lot to our car I saw these two girls in their car staring at me and laughing and talking... I had to resist my urge to throw something at them. YES girls, I feel like a cow, I can hardly fit into Patrick's old t-shirts... go ahead and make fun and see how much better that makes me feel. Or what it does to your face. Haha just kidding... kind of. :)

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