Saturday, August 16, 2008


Yesterday Kas threw me a surprise baby shower!

It was supposed to be a "lunch" for her going away... so I come walking in with a big bowl of apple snicker salad and to my surprise... a bunch of my Jacksonville friends are all sitting around Kas's cutely decorated living room!

(And I have a feeling this is going to be a long post because of all the pictures. Oops!)

They all gave me the most amazing gifts... a ton of bottles, onesies, Trina made me a diaper cake... lots and lots of wonderful stuff for baby! (Excuse the tardo facial expressions... I don't do well with posed pictures nowadays, let alone candids! haha!)

(no kidding... I have a pink hat for me JUST like that!! Ohhh this is so my child)
Here are all the lovely ladies involved :)


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sue said...

Hey Mandi... I SO WISHED I could have been there!!! and am so thrilled that it was a surprise and that you got so many wonderful things...the baby's room looks amazing!!! congratulations!!! and best wishes... keep us posted!!!