Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Went for a checkup today... gained more weight, 5 more pounds since the last time I was weighed, which brings me to a grand total of 19 pounds so far. I'm hoping this good, steady increase will continue for the last 12 weeks! I found an interesting chart in one of the books I am reading as to what the weight gain includes:

Baby-------------7.5 pounds
Placenta----------1.5 pounds
Amniotic Fluid----2.0 pounds
Breast tissue------1.0 pounds
Uterus------------2.5 pounds
Blood-------------3.5 pounds
Other fluid--------2.75 pounds
Other-------------3.25 pounds + or -

Blood pressure was good, and I'm measuring right on target (well measuring at 28w but what's a few days' difference) and the heart rate was in the 150-160 range. I go back in 4 weeks for my next checkup, and after that they will be every other week. It was a little nuts going in today because I was given my pre-admission packet to fill out and then a packet on all of the 3rd trimester goodness-which includes a birth plan. It's a bit intimidating, because there is a lot I don't know... the only things I really DO know are that YES I would love an epidural and NO we don't want the kiddo to have a pacifier and NO I don't want anyone there when I give birth except for Patrick and NO I can't nurse, we are going to formula feed. That's it. As far as the rest of the page goes about what positions I want to lay in and how I want to relax... I have no clue! Start up lamaze classes again and maybe I'll know a little more. Time to get reading labor books, I suppose. And I get to start kick counts now too... fun... it's not going to be a hard task for me at all with how much this little one likes to move around!

I also had my glucose tolerance test this morning... YUCK! Of course by the time my appointment got over and we went all the way across town to the Naval Hospital it was after 10... so by the time I had to get my blood drawn I was feeling icky. Not as bad as when I had my 6 hour fasting test done a couple of years ago, but still not the greatest feeling in the world. Apparently the results are read pretty quickly-today-so if there is a problem I will be getting a call pretty soon to schedule a 3 hour little sucker. Lets just hope and pray that's not the case and that my hypoglycemia stayed being hypoglycemia.

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Anonymous said...

I remeber going through all of the questions in my head! I had an epidural and before that I had 2 shots of Stadol because I had back labor. If you have back labor do not try and be strong and wait for the epidural!! Get is as soon as they will let you have it!! Back labor is no joke and is really painful! (SOrry if I am scaring you) Make sure you don't go into the whole labor with any expectations of how WONDERFUL the experience is going to be.... it is wonderful when the baby comes out and that's about it!! I didn;t have that hard of a labor like a lot of women... 12 hours of labor and 1 hour of pushing but I will say it is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life!! But it is so true when they say you forget about all of the pain and how tired you are when the baby comes out!!!! I wish you the best of luck and will keep you in my continued prayers!!