Friday, April 26, 2013


First doctor appointment in I think 5 weeks today! (Finally!)

Had the lovely GBS test, hopefully this time I'll actually get the confirmation that its negative before I go into labor and we have to do antibiotics anyway.

Weight gain is still at a measly 12lbs. They are happy with it and baby is thriving (measuring between 36-37w, so right on) so I guess it's ok. Heartbeat was in the 150's.

We talked about some of my concerns, such as my fear of laboring too fast... sadly I can't sign any of my consent paperwork beforehand, but I now have l&d's number in my phone in case we are rushing and it looks like its getting close. I declined a check this week so that I will hopefully not stir things up... Lets hope my body takes the hint!

I now have my hair cut and nails done... So even though the house isn't totally ready yet and we don't have a name I can feel human during and after. Priorities :)

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