Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Things have been getting a little more challenging as of late. Contractions the past few days were so crazy that I found a contraction app for my phone-I'm still in disbelief to be at this point.

This past weekend was a huge disappointment in productivity. Patrick ended up having to work most of Sunday, including during my sweet baby shower at church-it was a mess and so was I between Maya's attitude and how I felt. I spent a lot of that night exhausted and in pain, and yesterday followed suit-though I drank a few big gatorades and then took Tylenol before bed and slept with a Therma Care patch on-so I woke up feeling tons better and have only had a few contractions today, sooo much more manageable. I detest feeling like I'm getting nothing done, but I know that at this point it's what my body needs. I'll gladly oblige if it means delivering a healthy term baby!

As far as progress with stuff goes: I got the A&A blankets washed and ready! I accidentally ordered the bamboo ones but they are heaven. So that's I think four things down on the pre-baby checklist? Woohoo!

This baby is active. So so active. More so (by far) than any of the other kids. I'm loving it, even when the kicks and punches hurt!

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