Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Ultrasound day was today! To our amusement (definitely not anyone else's) only Patrick and I know if we're packing pink or blue in our hospital bags. It would have been fun to not know at all, but the reality is that we have a teeny house and while the baby will be in our room for the first while, we need to start thinking about sleeping arrangements after infancy. And since life is in hyperdrive since having kids, I know we will blink and be putting a crib away!

The scan went really well-so much quicker than our level 2 scans with Ava and Patrick. Baby was transverse and pretty wiggly-NOT ideal for getting a gender shot in the least bit. The tech poked around and did other measurements in the meantime (good fluid, HB of 146BPM, all body parts measuring exactly at 19w6d) and thankfully after turning on my side the little stinker gave us a few very clear views. Baby was being super active the entire time-like usual, there is almost always a lot of movement going on, especially after I eat!

I can't believe that tomorrow this is half over. Maya is so excited for baby to be here and keeps asking when (she knows it'll likely be May, but that's a little hard to grasp the concept of that amount of time at 4). We may do a countdown to May or something. She's so excited to be a big sister again-she was a good help with a lot of basic things before, but I think this time she will be fantastic. She loves the ultrasound pictures that we got today though so I think that very soon they will be added to her photo album :)

Sleep has been awful lately. I'm not getting enough and I'm always tired, and the past three days my napping attempts have been a huge fail. I am guessing growth spurt... But goodness! I wasn't missing the first trimester for a reason!

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