Saturday, January 12, 2013


The past few days have been miserable. I've tried to just take it one half day at a time-taking advantage of the babies napping and me resting during that time (Maya's usually great if I toss on a movie, that's usually her only TV time of the day) but the problem is the babies' sleep schedule lately. It started a couple of months ago when they tore down their blinds, so it's never dim in there if the sun is up, including naptime. They are so curious and busy together that they just tend to get out of bed and destroy their room (and do things like climb under their crib and then get mad about it so I have to go rescue them). It all seems to have gotten worse in the past week too-they've reached an entirely new level in getting into stuff-so a nap the past couple of days just hasn't happened.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday though-regular OB visit, but turned more into a sick visit. I didn't leave there too happy-more unnerved about it than anything-but remembering that the only thing I can try to do to kick this thing is to (attempt to) rest, stay hydrated, and watch my temp. Baby's heart rate was a little elevated from what it usually is (150-160) but mine is too from being sick so she wasn't worried.

Lets just hope I can kick this thing quick-Patrick has duty on Monday so it's going to be a really fun 24 hours alone with the kids!

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