Sunday, November 4, 2012


Surprise! #4 is in my belly!

It's no secret that Patrick and I love being parents. Sure, it gets frustrating at times/most days with what an intense first child we were blessed with, but of course we wouldn't trade a bit of the craziness that is our house for anything. Would I love to have the babies a wee bit more self sufficient? Sure! But that's right around the corner. So what do we do? Decide it may be an ok time for the next one!

If you read back far enough, or if you know me, you know all I have wanted was an unstressful #4. Getting pregnant with Maya and the twins was so hard-all I wanted to do was one day discover that oh, I'm pregnant! It didn't quite happen like that, but we were so blessed enough to have it happen this easily this time. On the other hand, I do have anxiety over it for some reason-maybe since a positive test is usually the end of a hard road, or that I know what some people will say behind my back ("MORE kids?!" to which I say-our life, my womb, the Lord said to be fruitful and multiply. My womb apparently likes being fruity) or the fact that people I love so dearly are walking down the same road we once traveled and I feel like this is unfair-I can't totally be happy for myself. Mind game!

I think I'm going to play the waiting game (for real this time) with going to Naval for my test. I'm not sure if they'll scan me early or not, too, since I'm at such higher risk of having multiples again since A&P were spontaneously conceived before. We shall see. Yay I'm pregnant!

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