Monday, November 19, 2012


I'm thankful for an uninteresting, uneventful pregnancy. As bad as I feel for this baby not having any "exciting" posts or things to write about-it's a tremendously wonderful thing as there are no problems and I can function as close to normal as possible... which is wonderful when I have to chase these three around every day!

As far as things going on, there's not much. I'm fine with not many appointments-it's not as easy as last time when we just dropped Maya off at the CDC. I feel normal-my energy level is picking up (I no longer require a nap just to get through the day-I'm going to make good of this time though because I know at the end the naps will come back) but my appetite, especially at night, is still bottomed out. Which explains why I haven't gained a single pound. It would be lovely to eat-especially since I'll be cooking a big Thanksgiving dinner in a few days!

My one ache (other than the intense food aversions to just about everything) is that my sciatic pain is already starting. It must just be super sensitive to change or something. It's worst when I've been sitting on the floor-which unfortunately is a lot!

And-it's a good thing we've spilled the beans because otherwise Maya would have by now. She talks about "my baby" all the time and asks if it's kicking yet-and she's convinced it's a girl. We will see soon enough!

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