Saturday, November 10, 2012


How in the world am I this far?! I'm not complaining though, especially since less nausea and more energy should be making its way back in my life very soon! I'm so ready. We had a pretty busy past week, followed by a loooong day yesterday and not much sleep last night (fighting Benadryl is hard!) and the longest day ever today-even the babies were asking to go to bed at like 4pm, it was a miracle that we got them to 7:30 so at least our morning (hopefully) wont be horrible. Thankfully the days that seem unending and impossible to get through are not that common-usually I can at least shut my eyes for a bit. I'm going to sleep well tonight I'm sure!

I am having the same problem as I did last time with horribly itchy legs. It's the worst at night but my legs are so torn up its miserable. I take Benadryl pretty freely so I can at least somewhat sleep-it was so awful when we were out of town last weekend and I woke up in the middle of the night just itching. Horribly. I sure hope this doesn't last the entire time!

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Nate & Kas said...

weird! My legs have been itching too! I thought it was the lack of moisture in the wintery air here... never thought of it as a baby thing!