Friday, May 15, 2015


Weeeellll, the kids know now.  Two days ago I had the ultrasound picture out to show a friend and completely forgot to put it away. Maya saw it after school, and since she's obsessed with babies and has seen the other ultrasound pictures before, she quickly came to the conclusion that this was a new little brother or sister and flipped. Screaming, squealing, jumping all over the place! She's thrilled and hopes for another brother, and asked if she could be there when the baby is born.

Today I wore maternity pants for the first time this pregnancy. I could still fit into my regular ones for awhile I'm sure, but unless I have a very loose top on I have some unflattering lines going on so for the most part this will be easier.

I'm having a hard time not being completely hateful and bitter toward Patrick right now (hey, just being honest). I'm so completely and utterly exhausted and drained-at this point in the other pregnancies he would have made me go sit down and he would take care of whatever, but this time is so completely different... There is no choice at all. If the kids are to be fed, I am to do it. My house is trashed, I better pray for a burst of energy. My knee is killing me-suck it up, buttercup!

It is one of those nights, however, that I'm about to be in bed by 9. The dishwasher just beeped and there's nothing crucial that needs to be washed. I get up early by nature anyway so I'll just shower then (or make better friends with my dry shampoo). Can't wait till this part has passed!

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