Monday, December 3, 2012


Yesterday I took my first halfway decent belly shot of this pregnancy. I feel so bad since I used to take the time to take decent shots-whoops. I'll probably do more when I'm bigger.

Today I finally had a doctor's appointment! It's strange actually having to wait 6 weeks in between but I'm glad because I'm welcoming a low-key pregnancy completely. I've gained a whole half pound (not surprised) and the heartbeat was at 154-156bpm. Today I also got my first "vibe" as to what this baby will be-I'm thinking girl, at least for today. People ask if we prefer one over the other and honestly absolutely the answer is no (and boy is there incredible peace in that-to be able to enjoy whatever comes!) the ultrasound was scheduled for January 3 so as long as baby is cooperative we will be finding out in a month.

Quad screen bloodwork was ordered today-I still need to go back to do it, the lab was very busy-as well as additional bloodwork the doctor requested to rule out some things with my odd itching problem. I've said it before and I'll say it again-there's nothing like leaving an appointment feeling like you've really been heard, especially with a seemingly "silly" problem. I'll get a call back about it as soon as its ready regardless-so hopefully I will have a solution that is more than just Benadryl soon!

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