Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It started this morning. Well, every morning the past few days... woke up in the most wicked mood ever. Pure evil. Completely mad. Patrick has a very sarcastic, goofy sense of humor... I usually love it, but the past couple of days that's the last thing I want to hear is a "silly" comment because even though I KNOW he's just trying to cheer me up, it doesn't work. And then Maya is just being her usual completely sweet self, though sometimes quite loud, and very, eh, active. She jumps as her mode of transportation. A lot of times she forgets to be gentle with me and launches herself at me, which hurts, and is NO fault of hers but in this mood... I really have to try my hardest to not snap on her. Evie nearly pushed me over the edge today too-it actually earned her a trip to the grooming salon-she got excited and jumped upward toward me (which she rarely does to me because she knows I hate it) and scratched my belly. An hour later she was at Petsmart for the afternoon (and came back delightful and squeaky clean and her undercoat all brushed out).

So the morning carried a rotten mood, the afternoon was ok even when my nap was interrupted by the breastfeeding support lady, and this evening is back to being awful. I'm crampy and Patrick accidentally overcooked my pasta so I'm hungry. And now I'm pouting and just not taking the initiative to make something else because I'm crabby about it.

Just keeping it real, folks! :)

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