Friday, November 19, 2010


It's official now! Got the confirmation after an interesting trip to the Naval Hospital. I swear, pregnancy confirmations for me is NOT as simple as it is with everyone else-of course, because I am more nervous than most.

I called Naval this morning to ask if I needed an appointment with my PCM, but they said no, just come to the front desk and tell them you need a test. Patrick got out of work early today, so instead of having to take Patrick to work next week to have the car we decided to swing by when he got back-so we went, signed in, and waited. And waited. For an hour. Until everyone had gone home, including the lady who checked me in, and the night crew was there. Finally someone asked what was going on, some people probably will get in trouble tomorrow, they tried to send me to the lab and it was closed... so the nurse had me just take the test there and promised to call with the results before she left since we had a hassle getting it (and I would've had to wait until Monday had it gone to the lab anyway, so that's a huge plus! No waiting like a crazy woman over the weekend).

So now I'm getting excited. Scared since it's so early, but excited nonetheless. I'm afraid of Maya giving it away-she says "baby belly mommy" and if you ask her where the baby is she'll say "belly mommy" (aww!).

My belly is huge, I'm still massively bloated. If you want to know how bloated, go look at my 13 week picture from when I was pregnant with Maya. Can't wait till it goes down-I don't want to look like I got fat huge fast!

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