Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Today was the first really truly painful day. I've had my moments here and there of course, especially after a long day, but this was since the morning-I swear the baby is trying to crawl out and has changed position. This is my first pregnancy where my sciatic pain hasn't been awful-this time it's more my hip joints, and that's after wearing one of the babies-but it's here! I'm glad I won't have to deal with it that long though, and it'll just force me to start taking it easy. I'm really looking forward to this weekend to get big things checked off the to do list so it's pretty easy sailing till baby comes!

It was an incredibly productive day though-and of course I had to open my big mouth and talk about it on the way home from the commissary tonight. What happened shortly after we got home? Plumbing issues! Of course. We are praying its easily fixed ourselves and we won't have to have our line snaked-bit it's going to be a long night of hoping the bathtubs don't overflow every time I flush the toilet!

8 months tomorrow! Woohoo!

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