Wednesday, March 6, 2013


What. An. Exhausting. Day.

It started after a little over 4 hours of sleep. Then I checked the temp and it was a frigid 40 degrees (hey don't judge I've been in the southern heat for 6 years now) ...those two things right there would have normally just sent me back to bed.

Got up with Patrick to help him put his crock pot meal together (today was duty day for him) then got myself and the kids ready to leave for my 3hr glucose test. Kiddos hung out with the lovely KP and her sweeties while I spent 4 hours bored out of my mind (why I didn't bring something to catch up on is beyond me-I guess because I never get just 4 hours to do nothing?!)

Got the kids, stopped home to make kiddo lunches, ate lunch with Patrick on duty, went grocery shopping for a couple of things. Got home, tossed together a meal for us and for a MALS spouse, packed the kids back up, and took the meal to her-across town. Ate our dinner with a friend since her house was right near where we were, took Patrick his pillow and blanket, got home, gave the babies milk-pajamas-bed and then Maya and I picked up from the tornado that happened in the short bursts we were home. By the end Maya was begging to go to bed and as soon as humanly possible we came in here-she gets to sleep in with me on duty nights-but of course even after I popped in her movie I had to sort laundry. Exhausted reading all that? Yup, that was my day. Completely nonstop. I'm too pregnant for this! It's only Wednesday though and we have something to leave the house and do the next two days still but all I can think of at this moment is that sleep comes before that errand. My poor kids didn't eat a single meal at home today I realized-that's so odd to me.

I passed the glucose test. Woohoo!

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