Friday, February 22, 2013


Doc appointment today went well! My weight gain on their scale is 9lbs, not 6-still insanely low but the doc wasn't concerned-actually happy. Heartbeat was at 146, and I'm pretty sure baby has flipped back head down again because of where I feel hiccups. (Woohoo! Just stay there babylove.) I'm measuring 28w but between the fact that my uterus housed twins last time and I started off with extra weight anyways it doesn't surprise me.

Placenta is officially far enough away to be cleared of any issues-so I'm happy. I had my glucose test this morning before my appointment so I'll find out the results of that soon, but I'm guessing it'll be ok as pregnancy usually just evens it out for me. I go back in 4 weeks-crazy that we are getting to the "closer together" appointments!

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