Thursday, February 21, 2013


So I woke up this morning in the third trimester. Whaaaa?! How this happened I have no clue... But we are here.

Very fortunately the only woes of pregnancy that I am experiencing is sciatic nerve pain, which has been horribly bad the last two times too, and my strange lack of appetite. It's such work to eat. I've finally started gaining-6 pounds now I think-whereas at this point with Maya I had gained 19 and with Ava & Patrick I had gained 28. Whoops! Pretty sure baby is growing just fine so that's what matters.

Baby has been head down lately-I can tell because of where I feel hiccups. Much to my dismay today I could feel them over my left hip... Nooo! Now I can clearly feel the transverse position because of where kicks are. Baby better enjoy flipping around now because its going to be time to get serious soon!

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