Sunday, November 8, 2015


sorry 5th baby! This is what happens when you're #5 I guess. We are definitely keeping busy waiting on your arrival!

So many things have changed. I'm now going to (hopefully) give birth at a birth center instead of the hospital here. It's an hour drive, but I feel so much peace in my decision. Tuesday is my first appointment with them technically so it was definitely getting down to the wire to get everything switched over. But we did it!

I've been having an insane amount of contractions-I contracted regularly with A&P from 32w on, but these are totally different. I've been having BH for months too but these are stop me in my tracks painful... As a result I'm hoping that the next few days off for Patrick will be beneficial in me parking in one spot as much as possible, taking the pressure off me in the evenings when it gets worse, and actually get me into my 35th week. Just a couple more weeks to go till we are in the safe zone-I'm hoping and praying we make it. Just like my wishes were with A&P, I want a take home baby (this time that I hopefully birth in the water!)

This baby is still VERY wiggly and is liking to flip all over the place. Just when I'm excited and think he or she is head down, I get some VERY transverse movements.

I've been working on getting a few milk donors together too. It makes me so happy that this babe will have the benefit of breastmilk-especially since this is a definite winter baby and heaven knows we always have a million getms floating through the house.

And speaking of germs-I have my very first sinus infection of my life. It's been completely miserable.

Sweet moment that I never want to forget though-sneaking an ice cream in bed with Emma tonight at 10pm :) :)

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