Sunday, July 26, 2015


Goodness I'm horrible at getting to this. At least I'm a little better with taking weekly pictures than I was with Emma.. Though I did forget one last week!

I can't believe I'm pretty much halfway through. I had the anatomy scan on Wednesday and was successful in NOT finding out if baby is a boy or girl... for a minute I questioned the decision but I know in the end I'll be so happy I did it! Everything looked great though and measured pretty right on (2 days ahead) and heart rate was 142. Baby was moving and wiggling away! I can't tell if the profile looks more like Patrick's or the girls', I see both in the pictures I got. Leaning more toward Patrick's, but who knows.

Last night I felt kicks from the outside! I'm in love and vow to cherish every one. Even when I'm in that last stretch. 

The constant fatigue is definitely getting to me and definitely like a permanent fog right now. I'm going to start back on a couple different supplements that I took before I was pregnant to see if it helps... Gosh I hope so especially with the kids starting school soon (though maybe that will help too?) but most of the time I can hardly move and that's getting super super old.

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Megan said...

Love these posts. Been praying for you and baby a lot.