Thursday, April 9, 2015


Weeeelllll.... here we go again! This time is already very very different since we are at a completely different point in our lives than we were before. We joked about this happening as soon as we did the addition on our house... and here it is! Last week I started having awful sciatic nerve pain. It's something that bothers me on occasion, and I can get stuck sitting on the floor because of it, but this was different. I had a feeling something was up.

Fast forward to Saturday-I was taking brownies to Elysia (to try to evict HER baby!) and asked if she had extra tests. She did, I used it (incorrectly haha-I was too impatient to get a cup) and it seemed like there was something but likely an evaporation line. So I tossed it, went through the rest of the evening which involved taking little Patrick to the ER and standing next to him as he got a chest X-Ray. Brilliant.

On Monday I was having some slight cramping, so I decided in the afternoon to test again. With a cup this time. And it was positive. Grabbed a FRER and a digital from Walmart later, and both were very positive. I told Patrick on Tuesday, and today (Thursday) I got more tests-the positive line on the FRER popped up immediately and the digital is saying Pregnant, 2-3 weeks. So of course, again, I'm going to be antsy until I know how many are in there (since my chances are higher having had spontaneous twins before and I'm over 30 now).

This changes a lot of things for us, especially since Patrick is getting out soon (8 days after my due date) and I was going to work this fall-but I'm thankful for God's perfect timing and knowing what we need better than what we think we need. <3

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